FiberX's sponsorship of Um Ammara School event in Wasit province.

In commitment to its community presence and in line with its significant role in Wasit province, FiberX company had a distinctive participation in sponsoring an event organized by the Um Ammara School family, reflecting its celebration of the graduation of its sixth-grade female students. This joyful event came after the school achieved a success rate of 92%, which is a remarkable accomplishment resulting from continuous efforts and dedication in the field of education. The event was distinguished by the presence of Mr. Adnan Al-Sayyadi, the Director of Education in Wasit, who gave it an official stamp and great importance. The event also witnessed the participation of important figures and directors from the province, highlighting the importance of education and its positive impact on society. Television channels undertook the task of covering this special event, conveying the joy and optimism that filled the air during those memorable moments. The television broadcast shed light on educational achievements and success stories of the students, thus enhancing motivation for future generations. As a sponsor of the event, FiberX company delighted in participating with the school's administration, students, and their parents. The company's sponsorship reflected the positive message of education and personal development by providing commemorative gifts to the attendees, in addition to honoring the top-performing students with a free internet subscription for one month. This happy occasion and the outstanding success of the female students reflect the continuous efforts made by the school and its educational team. They work diligently to provide quality education and support students in achieving their dreams and developing their academic and personal skills.