The Initiative of Distributing Water and Juices to 6th Grade Students by " FiberX" Company

The initiative by "FiberX" company to distribute water and juices to 6th grade students is a very important step in supporting and motivating students to succeed in their ministerial exams. The campaign was supported by Aziz Kamil, a student in the Faculty of Arts, Department of Media. Through this initiative, students are able to maintain their focus and refresh themselves thanks to the cold and refreshing water and juices available to them. The distribution of water and juices is part of this initiative, but there is another aspect of this program that deserves attention, namely the psychological support and encouragement that students receive during the exam period. Thanks to dedicated volunteers for this initiative, students can access useful advice and consultations, which can help them achieve academic success and excellence. In addition, the volunteer team provided informational brochures about " FiberX " company to parents and students, as they are the building blocks of the future, and introducing them to the company is an integral part of our responsibility to equip and attract young people to work in our company or enter the job market in general. The campaign continues until the last day of the exams, and everyone hopes that this initiative will have a positive impact on our students, both academically and psychologically, and that it will serve as a good example for other companies to support students during critical exam periods.