Commencement of the FiberX Fiber Optic Access Project in Wasit governorate

FiberX, the official partner of the Ministry of Communications, launched the Fiber Optic Access Network project on July 17, 2023. The event was attended by Her Excellency the Minister of Communications, Dr. Hayam Al-Yasiri, the Governor of Wasit, Dr. Mohammed Jameel Al-Miyahi, a representative from Nokia in the Middle East, the General Director of the General Company for Communications and Informatics, and many other distinguished figures. This project marks the first of its kind in the province. In her speech, Her Excellency the Minister expressed her delight with the FiberX project for fiber optic cable service, considering it an important project within the realm of fiber optics. She mentioned that Iraq has faced delays in this sector due to the wars it has experienced. However, she affirmed that the achievement rate of providing fiber optic service in Iraq since assuming her ministry has been 300%, emphasizing that the state cannot succeed without relying on the private sector. The Governor of Wasit, in his address, expressed his pleasure that Wasit is the first province to host the FiberX project, overseen by the Ministry of Communications. He highlighted the project's significance and modernity. The speech by Mr. Ali Amer, Deputy CEO of FiberX, emphasized that this project is a result of the new management's initiatives at the Ministry of Communications, led by Her Excellency Dr. Hayam Al-Yasiri. The project's success in Wasit was attributed to effective local management led by Governor Dr. Mohammed Jameel Al-Miyahi and his leadership team. Mr. Zaid Hashem, the Director of the Technology Department at FiberX, explained that upon taking over the project, they found that the previously installed devices did not meet the required speed, subscriber numbers, or the province's needs. Consequently, the company replaced them with high-quality devices from top global sources. They successfully installed two Nokia 7750 routers, each serving up to five hundred thousand subscribers, with data transfer speeds reaching up to 100 Gbps per port and complying with international standards. Mr. Aws Haqi, the Project Manager in Wasit, highlighted that this project will facilitate the delivery of high-speed internet service and emphasized the importance of stability. The first phase of the project was completed in Al-Kut city, and efforts are ongoing to cover all districts and areas of the Wasit province. Ms. Tayiba Hashem, the Marketing Director at FiberX, stated that this project emerged after a thorough study of market requirements and the internet service challenges citizens have faced in previous years. The company launched a registration platform for agents and conducted electronic marketing campaigns. She concluded by confirming the company's commitment to supporting social initiatives for community development and youth empowerment. In conclusion, FiberX affirmed its commitment to fully cover the entire Wasit province, including its districts and areas, according to the agreement signed with the Ministry of Communications for a period of twelve years, with the possibility of extension. This is not a limited-time endeavor but an initial step that will be followed by many exemplary initiatives in our southern provinces.