A special celebration held by FiberX at Sisban Park in Kut on the occasion of our Iraqi National Day

On the third day of October, FiberX company celebrated the Iraqi National Day at Sisban Park in Kut, organizing a special event for the citizens. The event showcased FiberX's leading role as an official partner of the Iraqi Ministry of Communications and the implementer of the optical cable project in Wasit. The company welcomed visitors to the beautiful venue amidst a festive atmosphere filled with excitement and joy. The event started at 5 PM, with social media influencers attending to participate in this unique national event. FiberX is considered a pioneer in internet services in Iraq, striving to contribute to building a strong technological infrastructure. The company offers internet speeds up to 100 megabits per second, allowing users to enjoy a seamless and high-speed internet experience. The activities included playing national music and distributing flags to children, along with organizing a contest with multiple winners. The attendees felt a sense of unity, celebrating the nation. Children were photographed, and sweets were distributed to add a touch of fun to the event. This national event reflects FiberX's commitment to supporting and promoting the Iraqi national identity, demonstrating its dedication to providing the best services to the local community and building relationships based on trust and respect.