FiberX Sponsors Waset Book Fair: Weaving Culture and Art in the Heart of Wasit:

From October 19 to 21, Wasit Province hosted its first-ever book fair under the auspices of Dr. Jameel Al-Mayahi, the governor of Wasit, and with exceptional support from FiberX. The Governor's Park and the gardens of Al-Sada Tourist Restaurant transformed into an urban center brimming with inspiring words and creative arts. The fair featured a diverse range of activities, including readings of popular and classical poetry, as well as book signing sessions. Through the participation of female poets from Baghdad, their beautiful words embraced the banks of the Tigris River. Creativity shone through in the artistic and craft exhibitions, including bazaars showcasing painting and handmade crafts. The entertainment segments, featuring live painting and Arabic calligraphy, along with light-hearted games, captivated the attendees. These activities weren't merely entertainment; they constituted a rich cultural experience for the fair's visitors. In addition to the cultural and artistic events, the fair stood out for distributing books free of charge, adding significant value to the proceedings. Lectures were given to young authors, delving deeply into the literary, cultural, and artistic history of Wasit. The fair highlighted this rich and historical heritage that spans through the ages. Visitors and participants at the fair commended FiberX for its significant role in the success of this unique cultural experience. The company provided substantial financial and moral support to this event, enriching the cultural landscape of the province and nurturing young talents. This success underscores FiberX's strong commitment to supporting cultural and artistic initiatives in the community, leaving a positive impact that continues to inspire and influence. Through its generous sponsorship and steadfast commitment, FiberX continues to support cultural and artistic activities, building bridges of communication between cultures and traditions to enhance mutual respect and diversity in our society.