October Initiative: Breast Examination for Prevention and Awareness in Wasit Province

Launched by FiberX Company in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine at Wasit University and Al-Dijlah Private Hospital, the October Initiative for Breast Examination is a significant campaign taking place throughout October. The initiative aims to raise awareness about early detection of breast cancer and encourages women to undergo necessary screenings to maintain their health. The initiative runs until October 31st and offers special discounts for women undergoing breast examinations at Al-Dijlah Hospital laboratories in Al-Kut. Wasit University has been the focal point of this initiative, where medical students volunteered to contribute to the campaign. Students provided medical guidance and raised awareness among women in the community by distributing thousands of brochures and flyers both inside and outside the university. This initiative focuses on emphasizing the importance of early detection and guiding women towards the significance of regular check-ups. One of the goals of this initiative is to provide discounts on examinations and tests at Al-Dijlah Private Hospital. The Faculty of Medicine played a vital role in motivating its students to participate in this initiative, contributing significantly to its success. The "October Initiative for Breast Examination" is not merely a medical campaign; it is a powerful message about social awareness and care. This initiative encourages women to take care of their health and seek appropriate medical support. It represents collective efforts towards a healthier and more prosperous society, highlighting the importance of awareness and early detection as means of preventing breast cancer and maintaining the overall health of the community.