The sponsorship of the Al-Wasati Child Forum by Fiber X

FiberX initiative, which served as a valuable sponsor for the Al-Wasati Child Forum organized by the Iraqi House for Creativity under the leadership of Mr. Hisham Al-Thahabi, constitutes a fundamental step towards supporting and enhancing efforts to safeguard the rights of homeless children and orphans. This event was distinguished by a dialogue session and discussions involving a diverse and varied participation of esteemed personalities from different fields. The session was attended by university leaders, distinguished academics, and seasoned activists in the field of children's rights. The discussions focused on vital issues related to safeguarding and promoting children's rights and the essential support needed for homeless orphans. Effective and practical ways to support these children were discussed, involving the participation of students, volunteer teams, governmental, and non-governmental institutions. At the conclusion of the event, Mr. Hisham Al-Thahabi and his team expressed deep concern for the well-being and happiness of the children by taking them to the gardens along the Tigris River. This gesture wasn't merely an entertaining outing but an opportunity for the children to enjoy their time and engage with their environment. Additionally, the event included a lunch to bolster this positive experience. The FiberX initiative embodies a vital role in supporting and enhancing the lives of children and orphans, highlighting its sincere commitment to their care and promotion of their fundamental rights within the community. It reflects the humanitarian spirit embraced by the company in supporting important social and humanitarian causes in our Iraqi community, particularly in Wasit.